John Manuel


Child Welcoming (Baby Naming)

Child Welcoming (sometimes called Baby Naming) provides a formal setting in which to introduce a new child into your extended network of family and friends.  While the name of the child is already established and legally registered soon after the birth, there is still a desire to present the newborn in a formal setting, and to celebrate the joy of new life.


The appointment of formal 'Sponsors' also confers special privilege and responsibility in the event parents cannot act (although this does not, of itself, provide legal privilege or responsibility).


Numerous traditions can be recalled and personalized to suit your tastes and preferences.  Music, readings and poetry, dedications from family members, and various other elements can be combined to form a fitting celebration.


Whether by birth or adoption, expanding a family is always a special occasion.  Family members can often participate in the ceremony, presenting special memories and offering their good wishes.  Love, good wishes and tears of joy abound at events like these.


I will provide a wealth of resources to help you design a ceremony that all will remember, and a full copy of the script will be presented to you afterwards, as well as a certificate signed by Parents and Sponsors.