John Manuel


Other Binding Ceremonies

Besides the sand ceremony (see separate page), there are other similar ceremonies that can not only add special meaning to the wedding, but can serve as permanent keepsakes of the bonding that your wedding represents.


Examples include:

   Mixing of Wine

   Love Locks



   Breaking the Glass

          ... and others.


Searching the web will raise other ideas to make your wedding special.  Discuss these ideas with me.  Your printed ceremony will include the special segment of your choice, designed especially with you in mind.


... Your Wedding ... Your Way


Handfasting is a way of saying "let's stick together," the commitment to hold fast as a couple through thick and thin.


Here's a link to an outside source:


Others are easily searchable through the magic of Google. 


Select from these sites the portions you like, choose from my samples, or write your own.  We'll work together to make it "Your Wedding ... Your Way."