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Marrying Outside of Canada

Going overseas for the main event? You should legally marry in Canada first, to avoid language and other registration difficulties.

Planning an overseas wedding?

It's a good idea to legally marry here before you leave Canada, for many reasons.

Marrying in Ontario before leaving Canada ensures that your marriage is legally recognized here, and avoids additional costs for translation, etc. on your return 

Legal marriage before travelling also reduces problems arising from accident or sickness en route or in the foreign country.

A simple, private signing can be arranged before you leave, at modest cost, and will provide greater certainty in the event of the unexpected.

This link to a Canadian Government site discusses some of the issues of foreign marriages:

Translation Service

If you've already married overseas and need transation from Spanish, call:

Joan Shnier, MA, MBA, C.Tran. (ATIO)
Certified Member,

Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario

(416) 226-0047