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Advice Before Marriage

While I do not counsel married couples, either before or after marriage, I do recommend you prepare yourselves well for the future.  A wedding is a one-time event, often filled with glitz and bubbles, and over in a flash.  But a marriage is a long-term process that never quite gets finished.

It is said, jokingly, that love is blind but marriage is an eye-opener.  Let this little joke not become a bitter truth for you.  Take time before your marriage to ensure you know each other well.

Here are some links to published articles.  And there are numerous more on the internet, there at the click of a mouse.

Study well ... you won't regret it.


Deal Breakers

Why Get Married?

Common law relationships are frequent and socially acceptable in Canada, so why get married?  While common law partners are considered 'spouses' for various purposes, including Income Tax and Ontario Family Law, there are important legal differences in the rights and reponsibilities of spouses under each arrangement, especially on the death or incapacity of either spouse.

Do not assume that living together is the same as being married.  On death, especially, common-law spouses can discover unexpected surprises.

Be sure to seek competent legal advice when considering marriage or common law co-habitation, to ensure you both properly understand your rights and responsiblities.

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