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What is Humanism?

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Secular Humanism is a philosophy that focuses on people's ability to 'make a difference.'  People, and only people, can and do make a difference.  Humanist values focus on ethics, reason, democracy and responsibility.


Of all the earth's species, people, and only people, can choose to make a difference.  And the difference we make should be positive.  We choose to leave the world a better place than we found it -- better than it would have been without us or our influence.  We do so without reference to supernatural influences or causes.


Much has been written about our philosophy.  Here are some useful links: - Humanist Canada's Website - Wikipedia's take on the question.


Humanist Principles - A brief summary of Humanist Principles. - Amsterdam Declaration of the International Humanist and Ethical Union - 2002.


While Humanism is non-religious, religious people ought not to feel threatened by Humanism; as most religions share similar philosophies, other than matters relating to the supernatural.


Our wedding ceremonies do not challenge any beliefs, but present secular ideas about marriage upon which all can agree.  As such, a Humanist wedding is pleasing to people of all faiths, mixed faiths, and those having no religious faith.


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