John Manuel


Your Wedding Ceremony

You may wish to have a small, private wedding with just you two and your witnesses.


This is common where the 'main event' is taking place overseas and you wish to legally marry here before travelling.


For larger groups, standard or personalized ceremonies can be conducted.


Whatever your choice, it will be ... Your Wedding ... Your Way.

Personalized ceremonies can be custom designed to suit your personal preferences and tastes, and could include:


     Readings and Poems

     Personalized Vows

     Family tributes

     Ring Exchanges

     Sand mixing,      Wine sharing,     Hand-fasting

         ... and other similar personalized segments ... designed with you in mind.


Short, private ceremonies with just the couple and two witnesses can be arranged for a nominal fee. 

Fees for a personalized ceremony range between $250 and $350, depending on the time involved in designing your ceremony.

Rehearsals, if requested, will require an additional fee, though they are not usually necessary.

Remote locations must be considered, though I do not generally charge for distance travelled.