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Marriage Licence and Certificate

In Ontario, a couple must obtain a Marriage Licence before marrying.  These are available at any municipal office, such as your own Town or City Hall, or Service Ontario Office.  Fees vary from place to place, but are usually between $120 and $140.  The licence is a long form containing the names of the people marrying and some details about them and their parents.  Either partner may obtain the licence, but photo identification for both partners must be presented with the application.  It is better if both attend, in case questions arise.  If either has been previously divorced, the original copy of the divorce decree must be presented to the licencing officer.

The marriage must take place no later than three calendar months after the licence is bought.  For this reason, to allow a margin, it is good to purchase it no sooner than 10 weeks before the date of your wedding.


On the wedding day, you, your witnesses and I will sign it, as well as signing the Marriage Register that I keep as a secondary record of the marriage.  Part of the form is torn off -- the Record of Solemnization, which is a temporary record of the marriage, signed by your witnesses and by me.  I will give you this Record in a folder on your wedding day.  It is accepted by hotels (for the Honeymoon Suites, etc), and most agencies such as Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Health, banks, insurance companies, etc, to complete any necessary paperwork as a married couple.  It bears my seal and is suitable for framing.


The rest of the form, I will mail to the Province of Ontario to be formally registered.  Three months later, you must apply for an official "Ontario Marriage Certificate."  An application and mailer envelope will be provided for this purpose on the day you obtain your Marriage Licence, and I will place it in your wedding day folder.


Further information on the Marriage Certificate may be obtained at:


The application for a Marriage Licence is available at:$File/11018E.pdf